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Matthias Bieber, Diplom-‹bersetzer

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(Please also refer to these notes)

The price of a translation depends on the complexity of the subject matter, the clarity of the text to be translated, and the layout and legibility of the text.

A translated line (defined as 55 characters and spaces per line) costs as a rule EUR 1.00 – 2.00 plus 19 % value-added tax; however, the price can also deviate from this guideline depending on the factors named above. Other methods of calculation – per word, per 1000 characters, etc. – on request.

You can calculate the approximate cost of your translation with the help of MS Word in the following way: Mark the text to be translated (if the entire document is to be translated there is no need to mark it). Go to the “Extras” menu and select “Word Count”. Add up “Words” and “Characters” (without the spaces) and divide the result by 55. This shows you the number of lines in the source text. However, from experience the target text (the translation) is longer, as a rule by 10 – 20 %. If a large number of explanations are necessary or abbreviations have to be written out in full, the increase in text length can in exceptional cases be even greater.

The minimum charge for a translation is EUR 38 (including value-added tax).

Express service: A surcharge of approx. 50 % is made for a translation with a same day turnaround, as well as for large quantities of text to be translated within a very short space of time.
(See note on express service)

Charges for interpreting on request

Please contact me if you have any questions or require an estimate.

Please click here for details of Terms of Payment.


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